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Wilderness Guide - Mediterranean L2 WGA

Ecoregion: Mediterranean  / Warm temperate 
Plan, organize, equip, and safely implement a multi-day (typically 7 or more days) desert expedition; in environments which may include mountainous areas, forest areas, steppe areas, river deltas, marshlands, coastal regions and open sea. 
*note: work accordingly local laws and professional guiding legal requirements

Skills of a Mediterranean Guide:
- guide groups on demanding expeditions in wilderness areas 
- organize a travel or expedition on international level with a length of more then 7 days   
- train and prepare participants within its professional profile 
- be aware of technical, mental and physical condition of participants at any time 
- apply adequate techniques in order to minimize environmental impacts 
- understand and transmit local social and cultural behaviour 
- interpretate and share knowledge on local flora & fauna  

Introduction module – April, 2017
A 10-day course delivered in a semi-virtual and home study modality.

Practical module – 1-20 May, 2017 
A 20 days intensive instructor-led on-site training and self-training activities

- Aged 18 years or older 
- Intermediate level of English and Spanish
- Level 1 WGA training or similar
- Level 1 qualification level/proven experience and training

After the specific training modules a training period is required and participants are assessed to obtain the W.G.A. level certification.